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Otolith (fish ear bone) earrings

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Kelsea is a fish-loving scientist, making jewelry from the sea. She is a marine biologist that grew up along our Pacific Coast. Kelsea takes her inspiration from both the ocean and fish she has worked with.

Having taken hundreds of otoliths (ear bones) for science, she became intrigued and began turning otoliths into earrings. Scientists can age some species of fish by counting the rings of an otolith like rings of a tree. Otoliths have long been considered good luck, so how can you go wrong with these as a gift?

Each fish has two otoliths, and she has kept them as a set. We love the variety of shapes & textures - each pair is unique. We have a limited supply of both Pacific halibut and rockfish sets. Get them while we have them! Photos are representational and may not be of the exact pair of earrings that you get.